Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hey guys! It's been awhile

Too many awesome artists!!
Iwish I had 3 lifetimes to do everything.
Been pretty busy lately. Wake up run, eat, go to work, eat, gym, back to work, eat, work, eat, home, take care of dogs, eat, break dance, draw/ paint, 3:00 sleep, and up at 7 to do it all over again!!

Good thing is I keep busy.

Here are some sketches I decided to paint from today. ( WIP ) I should be posting more of my sketches soon. I hope you guys enjoy it.
Weight training/trainer has been killing me. For those that workout, spotters are AWESOME!!! I wouldn't be alive today if it weren't for spotters. I've been training other people whish is cool. :) Poor bastards. I'm almost pressing 400 pounds on the leg press. 12X 1 set out of 4. MY BOOBIES ARE COMING IN NICELY!!! WINDMILLS ARE STARTING TO HAPPEN!!!